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What is the difference between Briar wood and Cherry wood?
Cherry wood and Briar are very similar woods in both colour and density.

Cherry wood is probably best known for it qualities in providing a great smoke for smoking meats and was originally regarded as a material of choice for crafting smoking pipes.

Briar quickly took its place once it was discovered. Briar wood grows in burls or big balls underground as a root wood for the Heath tree. It grows in the Mediterranean forests and takes a minimum 15 years to develop to a size large enough to be harvested. Because it is a root wood it absorbs moisture better then most woods as that is what its purpose is in nature.

You will not find much difference, if any between a Briar pipe and a Cherry wood pipe when you first start smoking them. The difference develops slightly over time. As your pipe is smoked the Briar wood soaks up the moisture from the tobacco and flavors of the pipe slightly better then the Cherry wood. Cherry wood also absorbs moisture and flavors of the tobacco but not to quite the same extent. The more the wood absorbs these flavors the better your pipe will taste and mature.

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