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Pipes and Cigar reviewer Josh Skorton has posted a review of our Wizard and Dwarf pipes. Josh has 100+ videos and reviews posted on various smoking products and lots of info regarding many questions new pipe and cigar smokers have. Check out all of his youtube reviews and smoking tips!
Thank you again for your help and participation in our Page to Screen: Lord of the Rings documentary. Don’t forget The program is planned to be included on "The Two Towers" DVD release! Thanks again"
Ted Poole | Associate Producer | Kralyevich Productions, Inc.


"I just received the first of two pipes that I ordered from your company. I must say that I am wholly pleased with the quality, beauty, and function of you product! I've rarely-if ever-smoked a pipe that provided a cool, even-burning smoke from the very first bowl! That's simply unheard of! Most pipes that I've had have taken months-or at least a few weeks-of less-than-ideal smokes before settling in.

Thank you for providing such a top-notch pipe at what truly is a most reasonable price. I wouldn't hesitate to refer others to your company, in fact I already have done so! These pipes will be the centerpieces of my collection for years to come."
Matt | Florida, USA


"I recently purchased a piece of art from your online store. I just received the wizard pipe…it has definitely surpassed all of my pre-conceived visions of what beauty this piece of art could hold, when you said that the pictures do no justice…you most certainly were not kidding!!!!!!! I must apologize to you, for I am not rich, and regrettably can’t afford to purchase two of every pipe you craft!!!! Any way I just wanted to state the obvious, and let you and your artisans know just how excellent of a job you are doing!!!!! You most certainly can expect to hear from me in the near future, I would like to see every one of your pipes in my collection! I will recommend MacQueen Pipes to everyone, it’s pretty rare that you can actually say that a company’s name truly means quality!!!"
Tony | Wisconsin, USA


As the delighted owner of several LOTR-inspired wooden beauties, all I can say is this...I slowly pack the bowl with fragrant, rich tobacco, I put the oak stem to my lips, smelling the wax and wooden majesty, I light the bowl in slow circles and take the lovely first gentle puff...after the usual repack and relight, my jaw relaxes, my neck and shoulders relax, my spine softens, my respiration slows, softens and deepens...lost I am so happily in the green fields of Hobbiton, deep in the fragrant woods of Lothlorien...the leaf's aroma floats lazily about me, but I take the MacQueen craftwork out of my mouth and hold it up to the available light.... noticing the gentle bend of the oak stem and the deep richness of the masterfully carved and hand-smoothed briar bowl... I smile. I forget the toils, the silliness and negativity of this modern, mechanized, filthy world, and instead, I sink ever deeper into a land of natural peace and tranquility, my spirit now free to fly to heaven, my hands warmed by fire, tobacco and wood, my breath, serene and calmed.

Yes, I only smoke tobacco. But the loving craftsmanship of the MacQueen pipe has freely entered me with the grace of Galadriel, the wit of Gandalf and the earthy charm of a Baggins."

Paul | MIssouri, USA

"I am so happy having just this morning received my fantastic pipe. Being a Lord Of the Rings fan for years this is a dream come true, all thanks to MacQueen Pipes & co."
David | Nottingham, England


"My wonderful pipe arrived today in perfect order. It is very unusual and will be a talking point in our house. I intend to have it professionally framed with some memorabilia behind museum quality glass. Thank you for an efficient and friendly service with a product just as was described."
Sue | Queensland, Australia


"I wanted to contact and compliment you on the FINE smoking pipe I received today. We have waisted no time in breaking it in, and find it to be everything promised.
It is my intention to recommend your products and web page to anyone who asks about this pipe ( and even a few who don’t). My thanks again from the deep desert…."
Daniel | Arizona, USA


"I just wanted to let you know that the pipe was received today and I couldn't be more pleased with its quality. It's much nicer than I expected it to be.
MacQueen=Quality. It's people like you who make me proud of my Scottish ancestry. It's been a pleasure doing business with you."
Joel | California, USA


"I just received the pipe yesterday. It is great!!! I am impressed with the colour of the briar and design. It is even better when you get to smoke it as opposed to merely seeing it on the web page."
Bruce | New Jersey, USA


"After receiving my pipe over a week ago, I debated on smoking it or just displaying it. Well, I decided a pipe was made for smoking and did so today. After a bit of a slow start, it smoked well and stayed lit. The long stem provides a cool, pleasant smoke. Good job on your part. It seems Gandalf and Frodo had it right with their long wooden pipes."
Mark | Pennsylvania, USA


"Just wanted to let you know I got my pipe today, and I must say the wait was worth it. I will be sending more orders your way soon"
Justin | Ohio, USA


" I received my Wizard pipe as a birthday present. When I got it in the mail I was amazed. It is one of the most beautiful pipes that I have ever seen. Excellent craftsmanship as well.

Right from day one this has been a great smoking pipe. It didn't seem to take any time to break in at all. I smoke this pipe regularly.

I would most definitely deal with MacQueens again........”





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